Second City Culture - Craig Turnbull Collection of Pipe Music


£1.50 GBP 

The author has kindly offered this book download to the piping community for a nominal sum. Craig learned the pipes in the 278th Glasgow Company of the Boys' Brigade and  is a former student of Duncan Johnstone. He played in the Glasgow Skye and City of Glasgow pipe bands. Craig writes: 'Many of the tunes in this collection were played by 'the City' and others were inspired by events and individuals who played in the band. My thanks go to those who have been kind enough to let me use their tunes. To Kenny MacKenzie, David Wotherspoon, Dougie Pincock and to Scott Wood. I am eternally grateful. Thanks also must go to Lorne McDougall and to the late, great Duncan Johnstone for arranging two of my tunes that I simply could not. The wish of any composer is to write something that someone else likes and plays. For me, that wish came true over 25 years ago. Some years later, Ryan Canning decided a couple of them were actually worth publishing. Hopefully, the tunes in this collection will be of interest.