Bagpipe Tutor Book 1 - ten (10) copies for Schools/Bands/Trade


£75.00 GBP 


Ten copies of the celebrated Bagpipe Tutor Book 1 at a reduce price of £7.50 per unit for trade, bands,colleges and schools. For countries not listed, or for larger consignments and alternative shipping please email orders to A concise yet comprehensive piping tutor book which takes the complete beginner through all the instruction and movements necessary to become a top class piper. Each of the 20 lessons concentrates on a different aspect of bagpipe fingeringwork, with exercises designed to improve dexterity and to develop technique, with suggested metronome timings for their practice. The first tune we learn is Amazing Grace, the well-known hymn. Some students may be able to play the tune accurately after only a few week diligent study of this manual. Each lesson has either a sound or video file to accompany it - so you can actually see or hear how to make the movements, not just read about them. These are available free here. On the Piping Press home page click on tutor images on the home page.

‘Really impressed with this and books 2 & 3. The step by step element makes natural progression very easy to follow. I have only just started using these books recently and would recommend them to tutors. A mixture of the CoP and the Logan’s Tutor.’ – Jim Semple, noted teacher,  six times Worlds winner with Strathclyde Police and a respected RSPBA judge.