Gesto Canntaireachd - download original book


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This is a copy of the book of canntaireachd which first appeared in 1828 published by Niel MacLeod of Gesto with the claim that this was the music 'as verbally taught by the MacCrimmon pipers'. Gesto was an estate close to Dunvegan on the Isle of Skye, seat of the Clan MacLeod, to whom the MacCrimmons were hereditary pipers. It is this book which P/M William MacLean, more than a century ago, transliterated successfully into staff notation, providing us with settings of tunes which are all eminently playable. Students of canntaireachd will see that the Gesto version differs substantially from the more commonly used Nether Lorn. Knowledge of the tunes however, makes understanding what Gesto wrote fairly straightforward for today's pipers.